Friday, July 31, 2009

Knowledge taken for granted

***EDIT: After re-reading, this sounds like I'm mister-know-it-all. Not meant that way at all (although I've been told I can come accross that way). By no means do I know everything, in fact, there is still much to learn, and I would venture to say that overall I know very little. I just try and learn when I can. Normal reading can now be continued.***

I've accumulated quite a bit of Excel know-how over the last 6 years. I never thought much about it, and really still don't as there is always something to learn.

But, yesterday, as I was teaching an Excel class here in the office, I realized how much I take some of that knowledge for granted. I find it amazing how people can use a tool for years and not know some of the most basic things (like how to remove cell coloring, or borders - of course they know how to color or border, just not remove).

The class went well overall, but I ended up covering half of what I thought we were going to cover as some time was needed to explain things that I assumed people already knew. It was a good reality check for me.


  1. You know, I totally understand what you mean. We keep reading and learning and one day you look around and think "Whoa. You mean NOBODY knows what I'm talking about?" Then you start teaching classes to let that little light shine, magnify your calling, use those talents, and everything else that's good :)

    --The Wife

    PS- You won my giveaway. There's cookies upstairs :) MWAH

  2. Regarding coming across as a know-it-all, I know what you mean and how you feel. Dont apologize for it. As long as you're not arrogant, who cares what others think? You've accumulated a lot of knowledge in a specific area - right there I think that gives you the RIGHT to declare that you know and understand much more than the next person, and quite possibly - know it "all". :-)