Saturday, September 26, 2009

Excel Help Pranks and Page Breaks

Coworker calls and asks how to add a vertical page break in a sheet. He walks me through the process he is doing.

Me: "No, you have to press the button with your left pinky."
Coworker: "What? Why would that matter."

I've always wanted to do something like that, fortunately it was a lot funnier than me retelling it here. It always is...

Now before you get too nasty, I did help him. He was actually doing everything right. The problem: he set the scaling to fit in 1 page high by 1 page wide. This negates any page breaks you've set. In this case he changed the setting to 2 pages wide and then adjusted where the page break fell in page break preview mode.

Most of the time I find my sheets are longer than they are wide. When I don't know how many pages my printed file will be I will set it to 1 page wide, but delete the pages high entry. This will automatically set the printout to fit one page wide and however many sheets it needs to print.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Microsoft Dual Screen tablet

Microsoft is denying this, but there are mockups and video out there that made me drool a little.

Gizmodo states that this is in production and is being developed very secretly (well, until now) by J. Allard, Microsoft's entertainment wunderkind.

The video shows a user interface that has a lot of potential. It seems intuitive and easy to use. I'd give the video at the Gizmodo site a view, but keep a napkin handy.