Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Microsoft Dual Screen tablet

Microsoft is denying this, but there are mockups and video out there that made me drool a little.

Gizmodo states that this is in production and is being developed very secretly (well, until now) by J. Allard, Microsoft's entertainment wunderkind.

The video shows a user interface that has a lot of potential. It seems intuitive and easy to use. I'd give the video at the Gizmodo site a view, but keep a napkin handy.


  1. I haven't seen where Microsoft has denied this. Do you have a link you could provide? Seems like the Gizmodo scoop if pretty accurate.

  2. @ Rob:

    I agree, the Gizmodo post definitely sounds accurate. It seems that Ina Fried at CNet called Microsoft and they have "chalked Courier up to rumor and speculation and declined comment."

  3. Very interesting. Thanks for providing that Jayson. It's the first I've heard of it. The Gizmodo break almost seemed like it was sanctioned by Microsoft.