Monday, October 19, 2009

This doesn't really make sense

Adobe Acrobat pro: $449
Microsoft Office pro: $499


  • one product
  • does a few things, but nothing incredible
  • has no viable competitors.


  • one suite of roughly 7-10 products (too lazy to look it up)
  • does a lot!
  • competitors are beginning to gain footholds and take on this giant.

It kills me that I may have to find someone that works at Adobe, and beg them to let me use their employee discount. It is such a great product (for what it does), but it is really expensive! And kind of a one trick pony.

I always thought that Office was priced way too high, but it seems that Microsoft's pricing looks incredibly smart compared to Adobe's. Am I wrong?


  1. I agree, Adobe pricing is ridicolous.

  2. Hi Jason,
    Office is expressive, but Adobe is bloody madness!!! What is it you need to use Adobe for, I just use work and print it out to a PDF, then i use PDF Split and Merge is needed.

  3. I use Adobe as workpapers for tax return preparation. I loathe paper, and would have to keep 7-10 years of files for each client. That's just too much to store, and doesn't allow for good accessibility. Adobe works well for the purpose: scan the files, mark up using stamps/bookmarks/etc., and when done print again to PDF to lock in the data.

    It's just the price that kills me.